Temporal qualities of Feng Shui – Flying stars

Introduction: Our „professional“ training leads you deeper into the science of Feng Shui and consequently enriches your knowledge and abilities furthermore. More practical interests and techniques shall be introduced to fulfill the purpose of achieving the master level in Feng Shui.


  • Fundamentals of Flying Stars
  • Advanced techniques
  • Business Feng Shui
  • Landscape Feng Shui
  • Fundamentals of an evaluation
  • To connect and divide the Qi in a room
  • The Chinese calendar

Goal: With this module you enlarge your current Feng Shui knowledge. Through the profound knowledge and application of two different Feng Shui systems you will make your consultations even more efficient and successful.

Schedule 4 Days intensive Seminar for Feng Shui consultants
Certificate Certificate of attendance
Trainer Petra Coll Exposito      Graduate Master of the International Feng Shui Association
Date in Germany
Fee 998 Euro  with value-added tax (19%) and early bird discount
Early Bird Offer 8% off up to 4 weeks before the training starts
Training repetition 50% off the original price
Practice Day – flying stars, for advanced

This day course can be booked seperately. Course “Temporal qualities of Feng Shui – flying stars” required.

Fee 299 Euro with value-added tax (19%) and early bird discount

Temporal qualities of Feng Shui – Flying stars

San He – Activate luck and avoid misfortune

Water activates the wealth

Xuan Kong Da Gua – The pearl of Feng Shui