Water activates the wealth

Another part of our “Professional” Training you shall be introduced to even deeper Feng Shui issues with the knowledge of which you will be able to enrich your Feng Shui skills even more. Main subject of the course will be the outside surrounding. Especially the interaction of streets, paths and adjacent houses is an important part in Feng Shui.

After having attended this intensive training you will have the same precious knowledge as if you had studied the classics and the original Feng Shui scripts for years. You will learn the essential secrets of Feng Shui and appreciate the new dimension of the authentic Feng Shui you will get in touch with.

You will learn to develop precise forecasts in order to create professional solutions for your clients.

Furthermore, you will be introduced into the advanced water formulas. These water dragon formulas definitely generate a larger turnover in companies and are responsible for financial prosperity. In addition to this you will learn to assess the larger surrounding of a piece of land and thus recognize how a house and its inhabitants can be influenced by mountains, streets, rivers and many other factors in its vicinity. You will be taught where you can find various formulas on your Luo Pan and how you can use and implement them and your new knowledge in your daily work.

In this course you will get to know the principles of San He” and “San Yuan” Feng Shui. Especially the outside surrounding can influence the luck or bad luck in a house.

Certified Feng Shui Education or a good Feng Shui basic training.

Schedule 4 Days intensive Seminar for Feng Shui consultants
Certificate Certificate of attendance
Trainer Petra Coll Exposito      Graduate Master of the International Feng Shui Association
Date in Germany
Fee 1298 Euro  with value-added tax (19%) and early bird discount
Early Bird Offer 8% off up to 4 weeks before the training starts
Training repetition 50% off the original price
Practice Day – San He – Activate luck and avoid misfortune

This day course can be booked seperately. Course “Water activates the wealth” required.

Fee 299 Euro with value-added tax (19%) and early bird discount


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Water activates the wealth

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