Feng Shui Training &
Feng Shui Consultation

Professional service. Certified by Masters. Based on experience gained during years of consulting.

Do you aim at attracting new clients? Numerous managers and successful companies already experience the effects of a correct room layout and apply the science of Feng Shui right from the beginning. There are many successful stories to tell.

We offer professional Feng Shui Trainings, Consultations and Seminars. Fell free to call right now for a free-of-charge offer!


We want that you

•    Have a home you really love and enjoy
•    Feel in your home like being in a spa
•    Get the recognition that you deserve also in respect to money
•    Are sought after by lots of clients who only want to buy your products or accept your services

Feng Shui lernen, Frau auf Couch

We offer you

•    To try out our free-of-charge Feng Shui advices
•    An extraordinary service. You and your wishes are always our main concern
•    More quality of life by changing your apartment into a better place

Earn money at your own pace and momentum!

Feng Shui Training – Learning made easy

You always wanted to spend your time with design, habitat and living space and to make a living out of your hobby, didn’t you? Then choose our training and you will have the advantage of an precise analysis of your apartment and living situation. This means you will receive a new job carrier as well as a Feng Shui consultation for free. Get more information!


“Real” title of a Feng Shui Master

There are many “Masters” that are self-proclaimed experts. Our titles are internationally recognises – here the quality is guaranteed.
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What our customers say about us:

“I was totally thrilled! – Your way of teaching was so much fun!”
— Heidi H. from Austria
“I am totally fascinated of what I learned from you.
Big compliment!”
— Monika Hermanns




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